Wedding Album | Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

As a photographer I feel that when you design something for print it really pulls everything together.  It is one thing to have the digital images, but when it goes to print and comes back in that final product you realize how you can tell a story.  Good story telling with images (or even video) is difficult. You can put several images together and have them printed, but to be able to flip through the album and not knowing anything about the couple, wedding or whatever it is your photographing and have it speak to you is what makes us an artist.  I also think that as an artist we take inspiration from those whom we admire in our field of work.  I love the wedding work by some of the top wedding photographers in the world; Jerry Ghionis, Cliff Mautner, Parker J Pfister and several others, and as I look at their photos, books, training video and seminars we try to take something away from them that will make us better in our own work. Enjoy this studio album.

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