Sean Holder Photography will be Learning from one of the WORLDS TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS !!!

Wow….this is really an exciting time for Sean Holder Photography.  Summer is almost over, kids are going back to school and Sean Holder Photography is getting ready for the plunge into the final quarter of the 2015 wedding season.

We are already seeing a really really big spike in pre-bookings for the 2016 wedding season, here it is only the end of August and we have surpassed our booking goal by a long shot. We can’t believe almost half our 2016 season is already booked. So if you are still searching for your wedding photographer don’t wait much longer. We still have some awesome dates available. Take a quick minute to call, send us an email, do a Skype or Facetime session or lets just meet for coffee. Let Sean Holder Photography capture your big day!!!

This October I will be heading to New Jersey to train under one of the WORLDS TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS – Cliff Mautner, the awards he has received over his 35 year photography career is daunting to say the least.  This guy know how to see light and is going to be teaching me what has taken him years to learn, master and perfect. This is really exciting to be able to learn from one of the worlds best in a 3 day intensive hands-on lighting and skillset course from sunup to sundown. Mr. Mautner is not only an incredible wedding photographer, and teacher, but he is also a Nikon Ambassador and an all around amazing photographic artist and genuine authentic and nice guy.

So get ready 2016 Brides for some exciting stuff coming out of the camp of Sean Holder Photography.

Check out some of Cliff Mautner amazing work at his website:


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