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Matt and Lauren first met as counselors at Camp Idlewild Christian camp in 2011. Even though he was studying to be a mechanical engineer and she was studying to be a metalsmith/jeweler, they found a common interest in their love of adventure, silliness, and growing in the Christian faith. After almost a year of friendship, they decided they couldn’t get enough of each other. Now they plan on spending the first months of their marriage in Blacksburg as Matt finishes up his Masters and Lauren starts her jewelry business. They will be living in a local trailer park to intentionally reach out to and serve the residents there. From there, Matt and Lauren hope to serve God and serve others wherever they end up.norfolk_virginia_engagement_04norfolk_virginia_engagement_03norfolk_virginia_engagement_05norfolk_virginia_engagement_06norfolk_virginia_engagement_07norfolk_virginia_engagement_02norfolk_virginia_engagement_01norfolk_virginia_engagement_08norfolk_virginia_engagement_09norfolk_virginia_engagement_10norfolk_virginia_engagement_11Chrysler_Museum_engagement_03Chrysler_Museum_engagement_04Chrysler_Museum_engagement_05Chrysler_Museum_engagement_02Chrysler_Museum_engagement_01Hermitage_Museum_engagement_01Hermitage_Museum_engagement_02First_Landing_Engagement_01first_landing_engagement_02first_landing_engagement_03first_landing_engagement_04first_landing_engagement_05first_landing_engagement_06first_landing_engagement_07first_landing_engagement_08

What an awesome Valentines Day.  I had the opportunity to photograph Michael Amit proposing to his beautiful “soon to be” bride, Monique Melchor.   I have known Michael since he was about 5 years old.  His father and I are great friends and a former shipmate, when I first came to Virginia in 1992 he was my first friend and it’s been that way ever since.  Michael and my oldest son grew up together, so when Michael called me a couple days ago and asked if I could come out and photograph him proposing to Monique I couldn’t resist.  The best part Monique really thought that we were only taking pictures today and had no idea Michael was going to propose.  So after taking a few photos we had to devise a plan so he could put on his coat (because the ring was in the pocket), since the wind was blowing like crazy I said they should put on their coats for this next shot.  As we went up to the fountain I told Monique to look at me and have Michael stand behind her looking cool, as he always does, so I could take her photo and blur him out in the background.  Little did Monique know that Michael was getting ready to ask for her to marry him. 

This is truly a love story: Monique & Michael met over two years ago at Community Church and were instantly drawn to each other by both the love they have for Christ and Music!  Monique is a Music Education Major and is trained vocally in Classical and Opera Music.  Michael is Director of IT at Community Church with a passion for technology, music and media.  They both wish to use their talents to one day open their own business together.

Ashely and James are going all out with their amazing Old Harlem – Great Gatsby Themed Engagement Photo Shoot.  This is just a precursor to how amazing their wedding is going to be.  Portsmouth, VA was the perfect setting for this fun themed photo shoot with the classic Commodore Theater and the vintage film look.  With with Ashely just finishing up law school and James an engineer I can see this awesome couple having a wonderful and successful life ahead of them.  Get ready for an incredible and amazing wedding images to come!!!

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